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Crown of Glory Natural Hair Care


Blessings sometimes have a way of falling into your lap unexpectedly.  In all honesty this company was more so a request from others than it being a goal of my own.  I over processed my hair in 2011 with a relaxer that I purchased from the grocery store.  My hair was so damaged that it fell out in clumps, to the point that you could see my scalp even when my hair was in a ponytail. I was fed up with the way I treated myself and began to search alternatives to the what I was consuming, as well as what I used on  the exterior of my body.

 I searched the internet for knowledge of a more natural and clean living. With research I gained knowledge of alternatives for processed foods and personal care products. The research I found blew me away! I was astounded by all of the harsh chemicals I had been using on myself.  I needed a change.  I began testing a concoction of oils that I put together in my hair and on my body. This push me to want to learn more about what would help me to retain length of my hair as well as make it more manageable.

 With growth comes change so I decided to chop all of my hair off and start over, the right way.

I tested all my products for about a year and then I posted a picture of the growth and results of using what I had been making.  The products helped my hair reach shoulder length in one years time. Initially the post was just to make people aware that healthy living was not just a trend, but that I had really received results from natural products! My picture went viral and I received  a mass amount of messages and comments asking that I help them and that I bottle whatever I had been using so that they can change the state their hair was in!

The rest is history!


All products are handmade with no harsh chemicals, Paraben free, Sulfate free, no mineral oil, and plant based all natural products.

The name Crown of Glory Natural Hair Care came from the Bible. What I took from the Bible is our hair is a glorious gift from God! We should treat it as such! It is a given crown that we all have been born with that no man can take away. My whole purpose for this hair care line is not to just make a profit but to instill in all the people that do not believe that it is possible to retain a long healthy head of hair, that it is possible! In fact, no matter what hair texture you have, it is possible! I also feel obligated to spread awareness of healthy alternative living as well as embracing who you are with love! Loving exactly who God made you to be despite societies standard of what a person is.

My products are now available in one beauty supply in Michigan.  With diligent work I planned to have my products in stores across the country.  I have shipped to every state in America. The support from my customers at times is unbelievable! I have 14,276 people talking about my product on Facebook  as well as gaining followers on Instagram!  What is going to sustain the success of this company? Producing great products, keeping integrity, and reasonable prices! Where do I see my company in five years? In numerous stores nationally, maintaining  a  professionally ran website, and continuing quality service.



I am nothing without God and my family!  I want to show my children that they can conquer all their dreams.  I appreciate all of my customers and the support you bring. Thank you for all that you do.